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This is our Mask plant manufactur prodution line.  We have 8 prodution line to produce the mask evey day!

we have 8 very facst Mask machine can produce 800000pcs a day.  see below it is one of our machine running.


below is our worker and plant show. We have more then 3000 square production plant to produce.


N95factory is a very big Group company location in Shenzhen China.  As The Current Outbreak of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Continues To Develop, In order To Battle The Spread Of The 2020 New Coronavirus, Bbier will offer The Protective Mask Export to USA and Europe Market .

The Mask products Will Ship come from Shenzhen China Mask Plant. We can offer

2000000pcs Mask a day prodution.All the Mask product have CE PDA Certification.

Kindly pelase call us: 347-204-4634 

to ordering.  we also have Mask and Forehead Thermometer. Sanitizer. And Disposable glove. Protective garment.  Welcome to order.  We have inventory can ship 2-3days deliver!

The product package show in below

Again. Because we are plant location in China,So when you Place the orders. please do not orderg small quantities.  we would happy to sell low price but order more quantities from us.  Small quantities shipping cost is more expensive than product. kindly please understanding and thanks for chooest us.

Call us:  347-204-4634   |  Email: info@n95factory.com

Our factory address:


Call us, 347-204-4634 or visit www.N95factory.com

if you have any question before ordering. You can call ours USA Phone or emial us.  Thank you.

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